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Ready for Action

A couple days ago, my boys went back to school after two long weeks of holiday break. Before one of them hopped out of the car, he said "I am ready for action!" I burst out laughing. Then, I thought, 'Ok. I am going to apply the same attitude to the new year.'

Despite overwhelming sentiment online that 2016 was less than an awesome year for many reasons, a lot of great things happened here at Doobry. As Marri so eloquently said (she always does!) on our Facebook page, we worked with amazingly talented and committed heroes in 2016. It was super awesome. But all the Facebook Newsfeeds and blog articles about how 2016 sucked around New Year's Eve weighed me down, and I didn't feel the kind of motivation that I usually feel on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. So, my kid's enthusiasm energized me big time!

Then, I was doing some research on action animation and Generation Z media consumption habits, I found this report from miptv, Who is Winning in the World of The New Television? And, one of the findings suggested that US major TV networks are doing well with atypical drama shows that feature superheroes. Check out this chart.

Credit: Kayla Hegedus at Parrot Analytics and miptv report.

Credit: Kayla Hegedus, Data Scientist at Parrot Analytics, (2016)

The report noted that

"Most of the top broadcast shows are not typical dramas. Five out of the ten feature superheroes, two more — Once Upon a Time and Supernatural — also have fantasy elements, and The 100 is a science-fiction series. Even The Big Bang Theory derives much of its humor from geek culture. The remaining show in the top ten — Empire — is also not a typical drama as it is a soap opera with a focus on hip hop music. Though these genres and subjects may have been considered niche interests in the past, clearly they now have become popular in the mainstream."

This most accurately describes what we have been seeing and doing here at Doobry. We have been designing franchise plans for superheroes left and right and developing brand strategies for superheroes of all kinds. We just live this world, so we didn't think much about it. But, I can feel (in fact I know based on a lot of research we've done here) that this trend of superhero action is here to stay. Here is a short list of superheroes coming to big screen in 2017.

We are SO ready for action! And, we are ready to help more superhero tales to go EPIC.

We hope YOU are ready for action, too. If not, let us know. We can help!

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