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Bright Idea: Inspiring Future Female Business Leaders

So we decided to start off this blogging thing with a series we’re calling “Bright Ideas” to celebrate groundbreaking companies, brands, and projects that have a shot at changing how we think, see, and do -- for the better.

And we’re going to start with one of our clients, GenGirl Media, and what they’ve created with Middle School Moguls.

While gains have been made, women are still woefully absent in the C-Suite. Middle School Moguls aims to change all that with their fun, entertaining, and empowering approach to business, entrepreneurship, and technology for girls. Created by business women -- and sisters -- Gina and Jenae Heitkamp, Middle School Moguls features tween characters who are business-savvy, artistic, and technologically talented — from the gadget girl to the coding queen. And as these dolls illustrate, they are also totally adorable:

We here at Doobry love Middle School Moguls because we believe the time is right for a new kind of heroine — smart, diverse, and aspirational young leaders who inspire girls to be bold in their interests and dream beyond the conventional career. A brand that empowers girls to start exploring, trying, and doing, now. Doobry is a woman-owned-and-run business and we would have LOVED these dolls when we were kids! Middle School Moguls dolls and books launch this week at select Target stores around the US, and we know they’re going to fly off the shelves. You can see if they’re available near you here, and check out their Facebook page for regular updates.

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