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Bright Idea: Teach Kids Gay Means Happy

What would you tell your child if she asked why her friend has two moms?

What would you do if your toddler boy started to dress up in princess costumes?

What would you say if your nephew asked what gay means because someone called him gay?

Hamana, hamana, hamana - is what I would've done. I am embarrassed to admit it as someone who openly and strongly supports gay marriage and the human rights of LGBTQ community, but this is the truth. So, when we discovered Queer Kid Stuff on Youtube, we thought this was totally brilliant.

Researchers estimate the total number of children nationwide living with at least one gay parent ranges from 6 to 14 million. But, it is not just about children who live with gay/trans parent(s). It is about EVERY CHILD. Teaching kids about the basics of LGBTQ related topics is just as important as teaching them how to behave at the dinner table, say thank you, share toys with friends, count, and spell. But, here is the problem. As parents, we don't know how to explain it because we didn't have Lindsay when we were growing up.

With Master's degree in theater and performance studies from Queen Mary University of London and undergraduate degree in theater and gender studies from Northwestern University (oh yeah, she's an expert!), Lindsay formulated a magical way of educating children about LGBTQ+ topics with fun and heart-warming episodes. Please click the video below and watch our favorite episode of QKS.

So, you know what to do when your kids, nieces, nephews, or students ask you these questions that you do not know how to answer. Or why wait until they come to you when you can tune in every Wednesday for a new episode of QSK?

On behalf of parents who have been desperately looking for ways to educate our children to be tolerant, inclusive, open-minded, and loving people, I thank Queer Kid Stuff. Feel free to subscribe to Queer Kid Stuff channel and support if you believe in Lindsay's mission.

Hope you enjoyed another bright idea, and stay tuned for more!

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