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Summer Pick: Creepy Pair of Underwear!

Image Source: Simon and Schuster

Picture Book

What's it about?

Jasper goes shopping with his mom and discovers Creepy Underwear. Jasper convinces his mom to buy a pair for him, only to learn that....they are too creepy, and he wants to get rid of them. BUT! Somehow...they find their way right back to Jasper. GASP!

Why do we love it?

At a glance, this book looks like a seasonal Halloween book, but this is a great example of turning what could've been holiday-specific into evergreen content. First, we LOVE the creative concept and design. What kid doesn't like glow in dark underwear, cute bunnies, and a slightly spooky story?

Going beyond its creative concept, the story really hits on a big challenge every 4, 5, 6 year old faces daily - growing up to be a big kid and overcoming one's fear of darkness. The main character, Jasper, has a personality and thought process that is very relatable to the readers as well.

What is super awesome about this book is that it takes readers on a mini emotional roller coaster. The story and the illustration evoke lots of different emotions in readers - excitement, gratification, thrill, mystery, horror, adventure, a relief, and a happy ending - in a gentle and genius way. This makes kids to say "Again! Read it again, please!"

We want more!

Oh well, first of all - where can we purchase this Creepy Underwear? We would like to order two dozen pairs for our boys, and we are not kidding. :) We see a big opportunity for this property to own the "BEDTIME" space - from apparel to toys and home decor - Creepy Underwear PJs, duvet covers, night lights, and even potty training kits!

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