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Summer Pick: The Princess and the Pony

Picture Book

What's it about?

Aspiring warrior Princess Pinecone wants nothing more than a horse for her birthday -- and her parents deliver. Sort of. Her new roly-poly pony is better suited to a petting zoo than battle. But when the big day arrives, the pony -- and all the other warriors -- might just surprise her!

Why do we love it?

It's probably no surprise by now that we're big fans of girl power stories -- and even bigger fans of stories that promote diversity and inclusion. Beaton takes all these themes and twists them into a funny, sweet, irreverent tale that encourages kids to challenge preconceived notions. And we love Beaton's illustration style; with such a depth of detail and color, they feel like animation cels!

We want more:

Beaton has released a plush of the adorable cuddly pony here. Next up, may we request some of those adorable cozy warrior sweaters?

(And more ongoing adventures of Princess Pinecone and her pony, please!)

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