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Hello, hello!

*New* to — we’re joining bloggerland! We talk a LOT here at Doobry — and I mean a LOT. Like, all day long. And late at night. Why? Because we’re chatterboxes. Because we’re over-sharers. Because we miss each other. We're as spread apart as you can get in the continental US: New York, Columbus, and Los Angeles. We’ve got people in all the right places and we cover a lot of ground. But with work and family commitments, the opportunities for us to all hang out in real life are few and far between. So we talk. A lot. Via Slack and FaceTime mostly. And now, here. We’ve got a bunch of stuff coming — more articles like the one I wrote back in May, amazing client profiles, and love letters to brands doing brilliant things. Little bits of insight into who we are and what we do. Stay tuned. Read when you have a sec. And let us know what you want to hear and see! Shine On!

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