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Jasper goes shopping with his mom and discovers Creepy Underwear. Jasper persuades his mom to buy a pair for him, only to learn that....they are too creepy, and he wants to get rid of them. BUT! Somehow...they find their way right back to Jasper. GASP!

Girl power, diversity, and inclusion rock this story about challenging preconceived notions!

What is better than a story about ocean and sharks in the summer?

Navigating the world can be hard for a kid!

Gerald and Piggie are best friends, and they do everything together as all best friends do! But, that doesn't mean that they always like the same things.

Strong heroines plus magic plus science! What else could we ask for?

Preschool super heroes: this was a huge, gaping hole in the market. And in 2015, Entertainment One stepped in to fill it.

What would you tell your child if she asked why her friend has two moms? What would you do if your toddler boy started to dress up in princess costumes?

Let’s admit it: mental health is a topic most of us are still ashamed to talk about.

So we decided to start off this blogging thing with a series we’re calling “Bright Ideas” to celebrate groundbreaking companies, brands, and projects...

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